There Will Be Dust: 10 Factors to Consider During a Remodel

By: Evan Hall, COO/Partner Florcraft Carpet One

A home remodel can be one of the most rewarding yet stressful events a homeowner can undertake. There are numerous considerations to go over before deciding whether the project is worth taking on at all. Here are our team’s top 10 pieces of advice to help you prepare for a remodel.

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 COVID-19 and Alaska’s Housing Market

By: Nikki Giordano, AHBA CEO

The COVID-19 pandemic created a housing boom in the Anchorage market. During a time when Alaskans faced layoffs and lockdowns, a healthy housing market was one of the few bright spots. More than a year later, demand for homes continues to exceed supply. Most house listings only last a minimal amount of time and often field multiple offers.

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Preparing for Your New Home Purchase 

By Richard Mantyla, NMLS #196418

The demand for housing in Alaska continues to exceed the available supply. While it’s a seller’s market, there are still opportunities to find an affordable home that meets your needs, but you need to be persistent and well prepared. It’s more important than ever to be well-positioned to move quickly when the right home becomes available.

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Things to Consider with Cable Handrails 

By Stacey Dean, GC Cable Handrails

Cable handrails are a wonderful addition to your home, both indoors and out. They replace wood or metal handrails inside. They open balconies and stairs to make your home feel more spacious. Outside, they can really expose the view. Instead of looking at posts, sit back and enjoy mountain and inlet views.

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 Meet Beko at Allen & Petersen Cooking & Appliance Center

By Nikki Giordano, AHBA CEO

When shopping for home appliances in the U.S., there’s a handful of brand names that stand out to Americans. They’re the same players that have been on the field for years. However, recently a new player came to town and they’re giving the same old players a run for their money.

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Make the Most out of the Spring Construction Showcase

By Nikki Giordano, AHBA CEO

Welcome to AHBA’s all-new Spring Construction Showcase, an exciting two-weekend event designed to show off Southcentral’s homebuilding industry. Check out the newest neighborhoods, new construction homes and all of the amazing businesses that support them.

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A Look at Anchorage’s Housing Market

By Nikki Giordano, AHBA CEO

Take a look at the Anchorage and national real estate market.

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